Avenue of Flags Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my flag be placed?

 The flag will be placed in the yard between the street and sidewalk approximately 12” from the curb at a place of your choosing. If there is no yard, a flag pole mount can be installed on the building.  

How will the flagpole be installed?

 Poles installed in the yard require a sleeve to be buried approximately one foot deep in the yard. Building mounted poles require the installation of a bracket to be mounted on the building. Both of these items remain in place as long as you are enrolled in the program. A paint mark will be placed on the pavement to assist in locating the sleeve during flag placement.  

What parts of Lebanon are eligible for Avenue of Flags Subscriptions?

 We will place flags in any area within the Lebanon City limits where not restricted by neighborhood covenants. However, we do reserve the right to place individuals on waiting lists until multiple subscriptions can be sold in the area to allow adequate service for the area.  

Who will install my flag?

 The flags will be installed by members of the Lebanon Optimist Club and Lebanon High School Choir Program.  

Will my yard be disturbed to install my flag pole?

 No. We will simply drive the sleeve into the ground and a small paint mark will be placed on the street identifying the location.  

Will the sleeve interfere with mowing my yard?

 No. It will be placed very close to the ground and a yellow cap will be placed in the sleeve to help locate it.  


When are the flags placed and picked up?

 It depends upon the holiday and weather. The flags are placed in the morning and picked-up at dusk on Flag Day, Veteran’s Day and the Fourth of July. The flags will remain for the entire weekend for Memorial Day and Labor Day. Also, if the flags are wet due to rain they will be left in place until dry.  

Am I responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen flags?

 No, the flag will simply be replaced as long you are enrolled in the program  

Do I have to do anything with the flag?

 Simply enjoy displaying it and the patriotic and community spirit created by flying the flag. Once enrolled in the program, we will place the flag on each of the designated holidays and store it for you in between.  

What if I have a problem or question about my flag or delivery?

 Please call 513-409-0490 or email LebanonAvenueofFlags@gmail.com and someone will return your message promptly.  

Is there a discount for ordering multiple flags?

 Yes. The multi flag discount saves you 20% on each flag subscription making the annual cost $40 for each flag. In addition, multiple flags make a great patriotic display.  

When can I enroll in Avenue of Flags?

 You can enroll in the Avenue of Flags anytime; however, the enrollment cost will be prorated for holidays already completed prior to enrolling in the program to a minimum of $20.